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Hi, my name is Albertus Sargent. I am a retiree from an International Company – Unilever which is well known as a stress generator but also as a good  work-life balance oriented company. I used to be one of management staff for 28 years working in various stressful condition.

I see stress has been increasing in day-to-day life. There are many causes of stress which I cannot mention one by one in here but at this economic down turn, the financial difficulties seem to be the most dominant and common cause for today. Many of my friends and family died of stroke caused by stress. And many out there have died too from various stress-related illness. Very badly, I heard very often as well as you too, many have committed suicide in this moment of economic difficulties which hit every part of the world today.

As I am concerned with this situation, I am called to devote some of my time to developing a site called  where one may find various information about stress, some tips of how to relieve it, some entertaining and motivating stuff.

My motto is let us laugh and cheer up despite whatever difficulties that we might have. Laughter is a good medicine to stress even illness.

The site is also staffed by a psychologist, doctor, stress relief practitioner, joker, musician, and reverence.

Sincerely,  Albertus Sargent

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