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Alcohol And Stress

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Oct 23 2010

Can Alcohol Help to Relieve the Stress?

Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol Dependency

Forewords – Alcohol and Stress
By Albert Sargent

Alcohol and Stress are closely related for many people who are trying to cope with their anxiety over problem in life. They think alcohol is effective stress relieving therapy.

The only effect of alcohol in facing the stress is only temporarily to make people forget their stressful problem in other words they are trying to escape from the reality.

The problem and the stress are still there! The use of alcohol is surely contra-productive as described in the following articles. Read on…..

Use of Alcohol for Stress Relieving is Risky and Contra-productive
By Anna

It is hard to accept when you have a stressful problem. Unless you know someone with an alcohol dependency, you probably know little about this. Friends and relatives are often chased away when they offer to help anyone with alcohol dependency.

Alcoholics frequently find they have alienated their friends and now have to fend for themselves. Getting help is so important because it actually saves lives. There are alcohol abuse treatment centers everywhere with so many great programs built to save people from drowning in their problems.

Embarrassment and fear of ridicule from others, especially their alcoholic friends, frequently stops people with an alcohol dependency from going to these Centers.

Indeed, you are very likely to feel awkward when you first arrive at one of these Centers. However, stick with it, even though you have the feeling that you do not belong. This is something that could very well save your life. You just have to take it a step at a time and encourage yourself to continue treatment every day.

They will instruct you to stay away from places that serve drinks and stay clear of people that encourage you to drink. If you are in a setting like this, you have to leave to avoid temptation.

If alcoholics are constantly spending their time with other people with drinking problems, there are all in danger of getting caught in a dangerous vortex in which they cannot escape.

This could mean many things for different people. We have heard and read of incidents where people have crashed their boat while drinking and everybody is killed or killing others whilst driving under the influence of alcohol.
Displaced responsibility, a phenomenon that takes place when everybody is equally drunk, occurs. The best solution for the whole group is if one of them seeks out help, then encourages the others. Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers are there to help you and your friends. You would have an excellent support system if you and your friends who are suffering from the same gripping addiction, all registered at a Treatment Center together.

Try and persuade one of your friends from your group to come to an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center with you, particularly if you feel that the only way to break the habit of this addiction is to get help. There is strength in numbers to convince the others to seek out help as well.

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