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Anger Problem Symptoms

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Sep 30 2011

Brief Overview of Anger Problem Symptoms

By Albertus Sargent

Anger, is one of the emotions of human that is reflected in the human behavior. Anger is the emotional response of ill treatments (quoted from Wikipedia). This unpleasant response is the result of an automatic reaction. Anger occurs automatically in human. Like any other emotions, it cannot be generated by taking a decision. Though this emotion can be replicated, like actors do in the movies. The existence of anger refers to sound psychological health of human.

The existence of anger is a sign of a perfect psychological conditions. An irrational existence of anger is treated as an anger disorder. Lack of anger and over-existence of anger, both are anger problem symptoms and must be taken care of.

People feel anger when they feel threatened or offended in some way. They also can feel anger if there is any sign of a threat to the person or object, they love and care. Cause of anger is strictly external. It can be understood with an example – if somebody else breaks a favorite flower vase accidentally, the owner generally gets angry, but if it accidentally smashed by the owner, the owner does not feel anger rather feel sadness or frustration.

The sign of anger can be seen in our body. The primary sign could be found in the expression of the face. This is truer for those having anger problem symptoms. With anger, face becomes red and face muscle tightens. Eye brows come inwards, etc. Anger reflects in the body with the action of aggressive-behavior. Aggressive-behavior is one of the anger problem symptoms. Anger also increases the heartbeat rate, blood pressure and perspiration. These are the vital anger problem symptoms seen in the most patients.

Anger affects the health depending on its intensity, duration and frequency. Normal anger stays few minutes. However, intense-anger could last for hours in case of the patients who have anger problem symptoms. Intense-anger affects their health badly. Anger could lead to increased blood pressure, threat of stroke, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety disorders, etc. It also affects the immune systems of those who have anger problem symptoms.

Anger problem symptoms can be observed in the behavior of a certain person. One of them is, when a person becomes angry very frequently. A normal person can deal with small unpleasant incidents, but it is an anger problem symptom of a particular person who fails to do so.

Failing to control the angry-behavior is one of the anger problem symptoms. Normally, people get angry but it hardly gets out of control. Longer duration of anger is another anger problem symptom that has to be taken care of. This is the most-harmful and most-dangerous anger problem symptom.

Anger problem symptoms must be dealt and must be treated. You have to come to a state where your anger is rational, and you can control your emotion and behavior reflected by anger. It is to be noted that, control of anger is not suppression of anger. In fact, suppression of anger is other anger problem symptoms that must be dealt with.

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