depression medication

depression medicine

Antidepressants Effects

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Jun 25 2009

Antidepressants Effects and How It Works

Antidepressant Drugs

Antidepressant Drugs

Depression, anxiety and stress are continuously increasing year after year over the world. There are many ways in depression medication to cope with this problem, and majority of the sufferers are simply taking powerful antidepressant drugs as the only depression medicine to stop the pain. Because this is the shortest way of stopping the pain.

What’s interesting to know is that most of them will be on these drugs for life and that most people who stop taking them, for any length of time, will relapse into another painful episode of their illness.

Why the pain recurs after stopping the pills? This is against the common belief held by both medical profession and people who suffer from illness resulting from stress, anxiety and depression which says that anti depression drugs are the most effective  medication for depression that will cure their illness permanently.

This belief is not totally true despite the fact that antidepressants effects are so strong and immediate in removing all the stress symptoms.

Then, how do antidepressant drugs work to remove the pain and all discomforts both in body and mind?

When we are stressed, the level of stress hormone mostly adrenaline in the blood is increasing. If this is going on for long time it will create disorders in body system such as nervous, respiratory, digestive systems, etc. which are causing pain. See posting on Stress Effects and Stress Symptoms on this site.

One becomes moody when stressed because of the decreased level of what so-called neurotransmitters inside the brain – a substance which regulates the mood.

Antidepressant drugs DO eliminate the pain and effects, but they do NOT cure the root cause of the illness. Just like ordinary pain killer pills, they remove the pain but they do not cure the wound causing the pain. Antidepressant drugs also work to raise the level of neurotransmitters. This all explains why the sufferer will feel better in mind and well as in body. But there is a great likelihood of relapse once the sufferer ceases the medication.

Relapse just happens because antidepressant drugs simply haven’t hit the root cause of these illnesses. By raising the level of our neurotransmitter (“joyful substance”) all the drugs are doing is covering up the problem. It is very helpful for making a START of recovery process. So, when a sufferer calms down, it is urgent to start with a thorough medication which works to hit the root cause of the illness.

As stress, anxiety, depression are all mental sickness, treatment for permanent cure must be carried out through mental or spiritual approach, which is different for every one. Additionally, depression medicine of non-depression pill will also work in many cases for stress relieving such as listening to relaxation musics, practicing yoga, strengthening your religion if you believe in God.

It is absolutely true that happiness very much depends on how you perceive thing, it depends on your attitude. So, do consult you psycho-consultant or your community in church.
IMPORTANT : Consult your health professional before taking and before stopping any antidepressant medication pills.
Better use Natural Antidepressant which is safe to use without side effects.

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