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Can Depression Be Cured?

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Dec 05 2011

Can Depression be Cured??? A Big Yes to It

By Albertus Sargent

Depression is a state of being low; feel like being obsessed by various ill feelings, which will affect the behavior, mentality and physical well being of an individual. It is a sad mood involving sadness, discouragement, shyness, etc. It may last from day, weeks and months to years. It is now very common and almost everyone will suffer from depression at least for a short period of time. It may affect people at all ages. Girls are more affected than guys, as they are very sensitive and can’t withstand pressure or hard mishaps. However, the causes for depression vary from person to person. So, all the people have the same question in their mind, can depression be cured? This question is provided an answer with various treatments that help in curing depression and to remove the question, can depression be cured from the minds of the people.

Can depression be cured with treatments? And the answer to this question is yes!!!! There are many treatments which help people in coming out of depression and lead a happy life.

Here are a few methods of curing depression.

1. Counseling: Can depression be cured with counseling?

Yes. This is one of the effective treatments for depression which is through cognitive and behavioral approaches. People in depressed state don’t accept the fact that they need someone to talk to and share their feelings. The counselor helps the patient to realize the root cause of his/her condition through counseling and helps in thinking positive. Some people will need someone who will listen to them and counseling would be the right kind of treatment for them.

2. Hypnotherapy: Can depression be cured with hypnotherapy?

Yes. This is another method of treatment for depression. This treatment helps the patient in controlling his/her mind. It will help you manage fear, insecurity, pessimism, sorrow, and failures and feel better. Showing love will also help them to come out of this condition.

 3. Vitamin D intake.

People often get confused about the question, can depression be cured with vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D supplements are actually helpful in improving your mood and decreases your depression.
Never take antidepressant without prescription from your doctor.

4.  Laughter therapy: this is one of the therapies in yoga.

People who are confused about can depression be cured, laughter therapy produces effective results in less time. This involves laughing loudly for 3-5 minutes with your soul involved.

Many people wonder about the question, can depression be cured? You need not worry about that anymore, with the above treatments available to you.

Below are a few other tips you can try yourself for depression relief:

    • Engage yourself in some work or the work all the time.
    • Read inspirational books often.
    • Go for a jog early in the morning and if possible take part in yoga training.
    • Laugh more often.
    • Spend time with your family and friends. Making friends is good for depression relief.
    • Don’t ever be alone and don’t keep thinking.

If your condition is getting worse, it is better to consult a doctor and have medication prescribed by him for few days.

Prevention is better than cure. This notation proves absolutely right in case of depression. Be active, don’t be disappointed so soon, avoid being over sensitive and be practical.

After getting the knowledge about depression, you can now say a big yes, when people ask Can Depression Be Cured???

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