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Stress Management Tips for Workplace Stress

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Jul 19 2012

5 Stress Management Tips for the Toxic Workplace

It’s become harder than ever to find a new job in today’s economy, so many workers are stuck dealing with the stress of a toxic workplace. That stress is now known to be far more damaging to the human body than scientists thought in the past, as stress releases hormones that cause organ damage, memory loss, hormonal imbalances, and more. It is more important than ever to learn effective stress management tips to keep that stress at bay and maintain a healthy mind and body.

How to Manage Stress at Work

Stress management can be a complicated issue, because often when you’re faced with a stressful environment, the only solution that can cure that stress is leaving the environment – this is clearly not possible in the workplace, as you’re still forced to attend work every day. However, there are ways to manage that stress so that it doesn’t have the same effect on you as it did in the past. Some of these ways include:

  • Relaxation Exercises – Relaxation exercises are one of the keys to stress management. These exercises involve things like deep breathing and visualization, each of which is known to calm the mind and body. Progressive muscle relaxation is a fun one – stand up straight and tense each muscle one by one for 10 seconds each, starting with the left foot and moving up to your facial muscles. This tires the muscles, which makes them less affected by stress. Yoga could be an option.
  • Exercise Before/During/After Work – Fitting in more exercise right before, after, or during the work day can also be immensely beneficial for stress management. If you can bike to work or go to the gym right before or after, you’ll burn off some of the stress hormone that damages your body and improve your neurotransmitter reactions to improve your mood. See if you can go jogging on a lunch break as well, and don’t forget to move at work to prevent stress from inactivity.
  • Make Work Fun – As long as what you do is appropriate, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of ways to make work fun for yourself. Even in a toxic work environment, you can listen to funny podcasts at work, wear Superman clothes under your work clothes, or find other ways to laugh and make work fun for you. One idea is to play Bingo with things that stress you at work in each square. If you get a Bingo, give yourself a prize.
  • Stress as a Tool – There’s another theory that states that your stress increases when you try to fight it and be less stressed. So a stress management strategy is to use it as a tool. Expect to be stressed and wait until the stress comes. Then, when it comes, take all of that energy and pour it into your work. Doing this will make stress your ally, rather than your enemy, and can help you become less prone to damaging stress.
  • Stay Busy – Finally, those that work in a toxic environment tend to want to relax after work to relieve the stress. Don’t fall into that trap. Having fun and enjoying life is a valuable stress management strategy, which means that you need to do anything you can to stay active – playing sports, going to movies, spending time with friends, and so on. These activities give you a break from the stress and happier memories so that the stress doesn’t affect your long term mental health.

Stress management is possible, even in a toxic workplace. But it does take changing your mindset about how you see stress and developing strategies to make overcoming stress your priority. Once you do that, your long term outlook will be much better.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera found that stress was one of the key components to his anxiety, and required stress management tools in order to get the anxiety help he needed. Now he writes about anxiety and stress at

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Family Stress Management Tips

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Feb 15 2012

Family Stress Management Options

By Albertus Sargent

Family Stress Management

Family Stress Needs an Outlet

It’s become more and more common for families to be living and functioning under a great deal of stress. Of course, this fact is the root of many a divorce, but still, many families don’t even know that they’re living in this state, and the thought of family stress management is far away from the minds of most.

Many families simply become used to daily bickering, stress, and self-medication. They often live in a mindset of isolation, and feel helpless to change anything. Considering avenues for family stress management can literally save lives, as few even realize the pressure they’re living under. It’s pressure that none were made to bear day in and day out.

Family stress management can take on many forms. It starts, simply enough with the parents deciding that their life has to change. They must realize that no good will come from living day to day this way, and they’ve got to learn how to get this under control, to find a way to manage the stress of the family.

Some will start with household meetings. Taking the time to put everything out on the table can certainly begin the process of family stress management. Give the entire family an avenue to genuinely vent, and feel safe letting it all out. You won’t be able to answer one another honestly until you know where everyone is at.
One of the most common stressors experienced by a couple is the unharmonious sexual relationship, for instance wife is never sexually satisfied due to inability of the husband to last longer in bed.
If this is the issue then it is actually a lot simpler to be dealt with. The key success for finding solution is openness, mutual respect and good will to seek medication.

In general, talk any problems all the way through. Don’t give up. A serious key to family stress management is actually finding answers. The whole family, starting with Mom and Dad must be willing to do whatever it takes to move forward and leave the stress behind. Often, some of the answers to managing the stress of the family will cut into financial comforts and require lifestyle changes. If your family truly wants change, it all has to be looked at.

Another avenue to family stress management is to get outside help to hear you, guide you, and teach you new ways of living and dealing with stress. Though it can be embarrassing to put all of your dirt out there to someone outside of the situation, it can be truly liberating as well. Find trusted friends, relatives, a church, even a professional counselor to help out.

Some of the fun of family stress management can simply be to do really fun things, together, as a family. Have stress relief exercise together. Play hard at the park. Take up a sport. Go hiking. Because the truth is, sometimes life is just flat out stressful. There’s not really anyway around it. Each member of your family needs to find their outlet to healthily channel their frustration. This aspect of family stress management can often bring your family much closer together, and unleash a world of creativity and new found fun.

One thing to keep in front of you in considering all of these options is not to dread this, but embrace it. The whole goal of family stress management is a better quality of life for you and yours. Keep that in mind and you’ll do well.