coping strategies for stress

coping strategy for stress

Coping Strategies For Stress

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Jul 31 2011

Basic Coping Strategies For Stress

By Albertus Sargent

Stress is part of your daily life that you cannot avoid. Stress however isn’t always bad. In fact you need it in certain doses to help you perform a work under pressure and energize you to do your best. With the right doses, it helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert. In emergency situations, stress can save your life. The problem is that there are many people in this world who have already too much stress for whatever the reasons. The word “too much” always brings about something bad. Yes, because it will cause major damage to your health. Learn about what stress effects on body. Get to know also your stress symptoms as early as possible, to find out whether or not you have been too stressed out.

The second problem is that many of those who are severely stressed out do not know what to do or even if they have taken some methods of medication or treatment, they still feel the same – stressed out!

Here, you will find Basic Coping Strategies for Stress to help you in mapping your thought in combating the stress.

When we talk about stress, there are always 3 existences:

1. The event you are facing that causes you stressed.
There are various sources or causes of stress outside your control to happen, for instance traffic jams, tight deadline, long waiting, illness, death of spouse, crime, jobless, argument with spouse, and thousands more. Hereinafter, the word “STRESSOR” will be used.

2. You.
It is you as subject with your unique profile including your mindset, your belief, your confidence, your perception, your attitude, your state of health, etc.

3. The stress you feel.
As generally understood, that stress is your physical and emotional response to the stressor or event that makes you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. In other words stress is the by-product which is produced by yourself as the results of “confrontation” between you and the stressor.

Coping Strategy for Stress is to see if there is something to do with the above three existences in order to reduce or eliminate your stress. Then, it comes to you the issue of how to manage the stressor, you, and the stress.

Coping Strategies for Stress

Find Coping Strategies for Stress Now

Managing stressor is all about how to change the stressor including how to eliminate it whenever possible.

Managing you is all about how to change yourself including how to improve yourself. This covers many aspects inside you such as changing negative thinking to positive, changing from idealistic to realistic, resisting to accepting, practicing yoga to strengthen you mentality, deepen your religion to strengthen your spiritual life, doing physical exercise, taking in good nutrition, etc. These all will improve and strengthen you in facing the stressor which will result in less stress produced by yourself.

Managing the stress is all about how to change the stress including how to release and to eliminate whenever possible. There are many ways of releasing or relieving stress such as listening to your favorite music, have a fun break, have a relaxation massage, etc. Managing stress may go further into stress treatment on body if your health has been affected by stress, such as taking antidepressant drugs.

Here are some examples of implementing Coping Strategies for Stress.

If you can not change the stressor, such as traffic jam, you might have to change yourself, for instance by starting commuting earlier or taking alternative transportation. If not, alternatively, you may consider how to manage your stress by getting it released through listening to music in your car for instance.

If you can’t change your spouse’s bad habit (which makes you stressed) then you might have to change yourself from resisting into accepting attitude. It is not easy, but put effort into trying. If you succeed, your stress caused by your spouse’s bad habit will be gone.

Not all stressors are unchangeable or can not be removed. For instance, if you are stressed caused by cluttered desk with trash paper or unused papers, then just do clear your desk from the unused papers. Cluttered desk is changeable and removable stressor.

If you cannot change the stressor and yourself for the time being, then you might have to focus on managing your stress to relieve it, for instance listening to your favorite music, have a vacation, have a break doing your hobbies, etc.

You may find and decide yourself which one, or what combination that would work for you for your specific situation.

Remember, stress strategy that works for someone might not work for you.

This site – provides you with various ideas that might work for you in above three areas: managing the stressor, managing yourself, and managing the stress.

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