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Coping With Anger

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Oct 03 2011

Coping With Anger by Using Inner Powers of Your Faculties!

By Albertus Sargent

Anger is like a bad sore that if left unattended can quickly spread and develop into something far worst which could be fatal not only to the person who gets angry but also to surrounding people.

There are various reasons why many people are full of anger or having anger disorders. These include bad childhood experiences, the death of a loved one, jealousy, selfishness, rejection by a partner, and of course there are those who just seemed to be naturally angry for everything and anything.

Coping with anger whether you are directly affected by it or just continually in the surroundings of it is a very hard thing to do and can cause terrible illnesses which begins with stress.

In coping with anger, it is most imperative that the root source of the anger is identified and acknowledged. This is the first step which is the most important to be acknowledged by the person or persons with the anger problems or disorders. Problems no matter what they are cannot be dealt effectively until the root source of the problem is known.

Before stepping into action to cope with your anger, learn first your anger problem symptoms.

Once the root source is known then the process of addressing the problem of coping with anger can begin. First and foremost the root of all anger comes from bad feelings. It is absolutely impossible to feel good and bad at the same time, therefore one has to learn to develop good feelings which instantly cancel bad feelings since both cannot exist at the same time.

To effectively create good feelings, one must learn to control oneself which are the faculties. These faculties are the will, imagination, love intuition, and the force of the universe which is in all human beings. Effective and conscious use of these faculties is a sure way of not just coping with anger issues, but eradicating it. This is done by controlling of the will to dispel any bad thoughts that comes into the mind and this must be done instantly once such thoughts appear, dispersing them at will.

coping with anger using inner power

Defeat Anger With the Power of Ra

In coping with anger, the imagination should be used constantly to visualize doing good as well as feeling good. The imagination is what that is real to the universe not your biological body. Therefore whatever you imagine can be made manifest into reality, the imagination is truly powerful and should not be underestimated. The intuition is the pure knowingness, the ability to know both past present and future. Following the intuition when in doubt is very awesome, the many times that people have said “if only I had followed my mind”, this mind is intuition.

In coping with anger, the natural force of the universe and cosmos within the biological body is truly awesome. In ancient Egypt it is known as Herukuti who is son of Ra. Ra represents the force of the infinite universe and when it is manifested within human beings it is known as Herukuti. It is this Herukuti force that is absolutely essential in not only coping with anger but totally dispelling it by simply forcing yourself to reject bad feelings. These might seemed like far fetched methods to some, but these practices on a daily basis will yield results that will amaze you, and costs you nothing but a conscious mind of all your faculties. After all they were used by the great Pharaohs of Egypt who gave knowledge to the world. And now you can transform it into your anger coping skills.

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