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Finding Stress Relievers

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Sep 21 2011

Consideration in Finding Stress Relievers

By Albertus Sargent

Almost everyone has to deal with stress at some point. It can pop up because of financial, relationship, and other personal or business problems. Stress can be caused by one or any combination of these things, and is no easy thing to get rid of. It is very important to keep a low stress level, because stress can cause a number of health problems. Some of the less severe of these problems include headaches, hair loss, and rashes. Stress can also lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. Check you stress symptoms to know how serious you have been stressed out.

At some moment, most people who have been stressed out for some time would think of finding stress relievers to relief their stress. However there is some consideration to take.

One among other things to consider when finding stress relievers is how the person reacts to the stress. People who react with anger should look for a calming activity to relieve stress. Activities like meditation, yoga, and tai chi work well for these types of people. Other people react to stress through depression, and they become very quiet and cut off. For these people, finding stress relievers with more activities is recommended. The activity should stimulate the nervous system. Things like rhythmic exercise routines work well, like aerobics and non-competitive sports.

Once the person has identified how they react to stress, and has chosen a stress relieving method then they need to work this routine into their daily lives. After all, stress can and will build up on a daily basis. If able, the stressed persons should set aside a little time everyday for themselves to unwind. During this time they should practice a few of their stress relievers. Whether this is done through simply turning off all the electronics in the room or by taking five minutes to bust out in break dancing. What works to relieve stress should be practiced. The stressed persons should not get too discouraged or upset if they cannot follow their new routine everyday as planned. Life is full of many trails, but once a problem is cleared away, a few minutes should be set aside for some stress relief time.

You should ask for help from your consultant or doctor in finding stress relievers if you have difficulty in matching the stress relieving method with your situation.

Remember, finding stress relievers is only one of way of implementing coping strategies for stress with the intention of how to reduce or eliminate if possible your stress you are feeling as result of your body’s reaction.. There is nothing to do with the stressors (the source of stress) or with strengthening yourself.


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