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Highest Stress Jobs

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Jul 18 2011

Tasks demanded in 10 Highest Stress Jobs

Everybody would love to have a profession with high income but with a low stress level.  In reality, however, never a high paying job asks you only to do little things with little stress and many professionals do not realize that their profession may already have brought high stress levels to their life and antidepressants have been their friends.

There are more or less 10 highest stress jobs in the world, according to a statement made by business insider, especially in the United States.
The survey was obtained from studies made by CareerCast.com on the stress level of 200 types of work based on the work environment, income, future prospects, deadlines, level of competition, and travel.
The article which was released in Careercast refers to the type of work performed in the United States. However, many of these jobs are well done by most people in the rest of the world including developing countries, maybe they will even grow faster.

Here are the 10 highest stress jobs:

  • Property Agents
    Stress level: 38.57
    Working hours per day: 9.5 hours
    Revenue per year: U.S. $40,357
    Property selling agents have erratic working hours, working sometimes at night and weekends. The working environment in the real estate also has a high level of competition, and at the time when property market is dull, selling a house is not an easy thing to do.
  • Emergency Medical Technician
    Stress levels: 39.68
    Hours worked per day: varies
    Revenue per year: U.S. $30,168
    Emergency Medical Technician may be the same as ambulance officers who are to be the first in every event that calls for emergency medical treatment. In addition, they act as a determinant of life for patients from the accident spot to the hospital. Often, ambulance officers work for long hours and have to be in the night shift.
  • Stock Brokers
    Stress levels: 39.70
    Working hours per day: 8 hours
    Revenue per year: U.S. $67,470
    Stock brokers are responsible for investors’ fund invested in the stock and bond investment products. With the stock market conditions which are constantly changing, the responsibility of brokers to maintain a safe investment even to keep returning a good profit brings a lot of stress.
  • Architect
    Stress levels: 39.93
    Hours worked per day: more than 8 hours
    Income per year: U.S $73,193
    Architects work with the pressure of tight deadlines both in terms of planning, design, construction, commercial and residential space. Safety of a building in the future is also part of their work which demands very careful planning.
  • Account Executive of Ad Company
    Stress levels: 41.05
    Working hours per day: 9.5 hours
    Revenue per year: U.S. $62,105
    An account executive is required to work more creative, to pay attention to details, to be able to self motivate. All these demands must be exercised along with the work to manage large corporate clients under deadline pressure.
    Advertising Account executives work in a field where competition is high. Moreover, if advertising has been the main income for the company.
  • News Reporter
    Stress levels: 43.56
    Working hours per day: 8 hours
    Revenue per year: U.S. $50,456
    News broadcasters compete with other television stations in the efforts to be the first to give the information to the public. Often, reporters work not only from the studio but also have to jump into the field where the incident occurs.
    Straight news reporting from the field in some cases is often very risky for the reporters such as in the incident of riot, demonstration, war, etc.
  • Photo Journalist
    Stress level: 47.09
    Working hours per day: varies
    Revenue: U.S. $40,209
    Photo journalist should always be constantly on site whenever a major incident occurs such as war, shootings, natural disasters. In dangerous conditions, they stay out all time to capture possible awesome moment and broadcast it to the world.
  • Company Senior Executive
    Stress levels: 47.41
    Working hours per day: 11 hours
    Revenue per year: U.S. $161,141
    Corporate Executive has many different jobs. They are expected to have knowledge in almost all departments of a company. So that the concerned management can make a good decisions which would impact on all employees.
  • Public Relation Officer
    Stress levels: 47.6
    Office hours: 9 hours
    Revenue per year: U.S. $90,160
    An official Public Relations (PR) often have to give a presentation and announcement in public. Field work has a very strict level of competition and the corporate leaders often ask a PR officer to create and run a PR campaign to keep up good corporate image.
  • Commercial Aircraft Pilot
    Stress levels: 59.53
    Working hours per day: 9 hours
    Revenue per year: U.S. $106,153
    Pilots of commercial aircraft are responsible for the safety of hundreds of passengers on board when the plane flies above the altitude of 30 thousand feet with a high speed.
    Sometimes, unexpectedly the pilots have to fly the plane in the middle of bad weather conditions and work for long hours.

Not all people who are doing any of the above 10 highest stress jobs would suffer from severe stress or depression. Whether or not one can cope with the workplace stress would depend on his personal profile that covers many aspects, such as the state on mental health, attitude, mindset, physical fitness, etc. A job that causes stress to someone might not do stress to another. So, you have to measure yourself before applying for a high paying job. If it does not fit with your profile, you would better forget it despite a high pay it offers.

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