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How Not To Worry

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Nov 25 2010

How Not to Worry in God’s Promise

How Not To Worry

How Not To Worry

Stress or anxiety due to worries is increasing over the world and they show no signs of ending their relentless onslaught.
In the United States alone, over 40 million people are affected by these illnesses annually. What’s amazing is that most of them are dependant on anti-depressant drugs for life in the effort to cure their illness.

In fact the drugs are only eliminating the symptoms of stress instead of strengthening our mentality and spirit to cope with worries.
The question is how not to worry no mater how heavy the burden of our life?

For those who believe in Jesus teaching, please refer to Bible section by Matthew 6:25-34 about anxiety. In this passage the word of God says, “Do not worry about your life, what would you eat or drink, and do not worry too will your body, what would you wear.”
This is the promise of God for His people. And what about the people of the world, whether this promise is true?
Yes. This also holds promise for the people of the world. There will be no worry if we trust in and depend on God’s promise.
But there is a difference. People living in a world of their worries, while we live in God’s promise.
And how do we reach God’s promise? Do we wait until something falls from the sky without doing anything? Or we spend our time in our fantasies and dreams of God’s promise?
No. We need to do our part, we have to work to earn money and support our living.

Without intending to judge; we often see the reality show where a family or a poor person who are helped with some money or property by the program. If we refer to a good, family members of children who have been productive but it was not working. Well, no wonder they are rarely able to eat or even to fasting and living below the poverty line. They had wasted their lives by simply doing nothing.

Please refer to Bible section Genesis 1:1-31. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, God worked for 6 days. Then, what about us who are His perfect creation? God wants us to work well in our jobs or our services.

God has given the place which He wants us to be. Work is something that God wants from us. Try and persevere in it, then God’s promise will be fulfilled.

By depending on this God’s promise we will become strong and relax in coping with worries and stress or ultimately there will be no worry at all. And eventually we will not be needing anti-depressant any longer. Amen.

Don’t worry be happy!

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