overcome panic attacks

overcoming panic attacks

How To Overcome Panic Attacks While Driving

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Jul 05 2010


Overcoming Panic Attacks While Driving

panic attack while driving

panic attack while driving

Having a panic attack is a traumatic experience regardless of where you are or what you are doing at the time. However, if you are driving or operating machinery or involved in any activity which can be dangerous, it is more than traumatic – it can be deadly.

Here you would find some tips to overcome panic attacks while driving.
There is even a direct correlation between the situation and the severity of its outcome as it relates to the cause of and affect on others.

If the activity is, in and of itself, full of stress or draining – like driving – it may well lead to the attack in the first place. Heavy traffic, impolite or reckless drivers may trigger an attack because they call cause us to react so negatively to things beyond our control. Driving can especially bring on an anxiety attack because it is the kind of activity that involves others – many whom are not in the best mood to begin with. When you add to the extent that we feel powerless to positively impact negative conditions like traffic and impolite drivers, it is no wonder that a driving situation can be a prime candidate for both cause and effect of a panic attack. 

The effects of a panic attack while driving a car or operating machinery are not different than when seated in front of the television. However, the result can be extreme. A panic attack that occurs while driving may cause you to swerve or make sudden changes in direction or cancel a normal distance-measurement function that we perform successfully every day.

A panic affects both motor skills and hand-eye-coordination to the extent that driving may be almost impossible without extreme danger. Oddly enough, it is the very fact that panic attacks affect so many functions and organs in the human body that the combined result may be one that almost defies clinical explanation.

Self help for panic attacks tips while driving

If you are prone to having an anxiety attack, especially while driving there are a number of things that you should remember to do to overcome panic attack.  Treat the occurrence as if you are having a flat tire and begin by turning on your turn signal and gradually get off the road surface in a safe manner.  Turn on the air conditioner or open the windows and get air flowing about you while you begin to collect yourself.  Often, just these beginning steps will at least have the effect of delaying somewhat a panic attack, giving you time to deal with it.
Another tip of reducing the risk of having panic attacks is listening to relaxation music you like best while driving. Do give it a try.

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