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Improving Time Management Skill

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Mar 29 2010

Less Stress At Workplace By Improving Time Management Skill

By Albert Sargent

Time pressure is one of the prominent stressors in the work place.

If you have been piling up a lot of tasks at work, can you finish them on time? When you are working on them you might feel time is chasing you, and then you start to worry about what if you can not finish them.

Actually, you shouldn’t be worried and stressed since you can do just about anything and accomplish everything as far as you have a sound time management skill.

Time management skill is about how to manage time effectively which allows you to perform efficiently, meet deadlines, and avoid stress from time pressure all in one go.

However, time management skill is virtually not something dealing with time as such because time is constant. Instead, it is rather something to do with your skill in managing the work and your behavior within the given time to finish your work.

To improve your time management skill there are key aspects you need to pay attention for improvement in the first place:

1). Define clearly the goal or target you are going to accomplish and a written goals action plan. Because, without goals, why should we care whether we are on time or not?

2). Another aspect you need to change in process of improving your time management skill is your behavior or habit.

Are you the type of person who knows exactly what to do first in the morning because the night before you planned your next day? Or, are you the type of person who used to wait to the last minute to see what you are going to do in the next hours?

Of course, the 1st type is what very demanded behavior in improving your time management skill. So, good action planning is very supporting in improving your time management skill.

3). To improve your leadership aspects such as decision making, prioritizing, communicating, etc. Deficiencies in leadership would have a negative impact on the ability to improve your time management skills. Whenever a plan is in place to improve your leadership skills, time management skills will also improve.

4). To improve your skill in managing and organizing the works in order to work smarter. To do the work is step by step process.

Try to identify the steps which take the longest time or you think they are inefficient and find an alternative method that can shorten the process. For instance, good filing system will shorten one step of process of searching data file whenever you need it, either it is stored in manual filing cabinet or in your computer hard drive.

5) Do time management exercises by starting with smaller and less demanding tasks which are easy to complete and  will give you that feeling of accomplishment.  You’re already on your way to finishing it in no time before you realize it.

To elaborate more the improvement of time management skill you may please check out this one of the best time management books namely “Effective Time Management”.

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I hope this information would be helpful for you in improving your time management skill.

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