job loss stress

stress from job loss

Job Loss Stress

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Jul 02 2009

Tips on how to deal with Job Loss Stress

By Ethel Powers

Stressed over Job Loss

Stressed over Job Loss

Not every one who is down on their luck is at fault for their situation. You lost a job because a contract came to its end or a company simply folded. These are unstable economic times and the loss of a job or resource can literally turn the world upside down. The measure of us all is how we handle devastating events in our lives.

Here some tips of how to deal with Job Loss Stress:

  1. Keeping a smile on your face is not easy.  How do you get through the day while worrying about money, a place to live and food to eat? You need a new agenda and casting a pity party is not included. However, you are permitted to take a day or two to reflect.
  2. First, re-organize your day. Start with stretching, exercise and breakfast. Eat as healthily as you can and try to include juice or fruit.
  3. Sit at the computer and make a not too-detailed list on your stronger points, what you are good at doing including your job skills. Make another list of people you can use for references, complete with contact information.
  4. Next, get up from the computer to take a walk, put on some relaxation music, read your Bible (find a joyful passage) or another book. The point is to re-focus your attention away for the source of your stress.
  5. Eat something for lunch. In fact, eating at least five times a day will protect your health. It does not have to be a lot of food. Not eating while under stress causes water retention, lower metabolism, headaches and a number of other worrisome ailments.
  6. Your attitude has as much to do with changing your circumstances as your list of skills. When you answer the telephone, no matter how you feel, say something cheerful. When you talk with others, inquire about their day, lives, kids or accomplishments. Unless you need some advice, try to not talk about your situation. Even when you talk to creditors, be cheerful but honest. Let them know you are doing all you can and wish them a pleasant day. Before you know it, your attitude will have adjusted itself and you begin to feel much better. Positive attitude will help much to relieve you job loss stress.
  7. Before going to bed at night, do a mental checklist of everything you did to help your situation that day. Did you make any money, upgrade a resume, search for work? Who did you talk to? What did you do to make someone else have a better day?
  8. Again, do a five-minute stretch routine while in bed. Start with your legs, then your arms and shoulders. Finish by lying flat on your back and pointing your big toes toward each other until they touch. Let them fall away from each other. Practicing yoga may help you, just give it a try.
  9. After stretching, end the night any way you wish. Watch TV program you like, read a little bit, pray or whatever relaxes you.
  10. If your situation is severe these practices will take you further than worrying about it. Feel free to add other activities while keeping in mind a positive outlook is the only way to go.

Stress from job loss is nothing different from any other stresses. It will affect your body in the same way with stress symptoms very much in common.

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