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Making Friends Stress Relief

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Sep 30 2009

Making Friends as Stress Relief

By Albertus Sargent

making friends

making friends

Can we imagine what would happen to us if we have nobody to talk to.
Getting stressed is the answer. That’s right. Because it is denying our destiny that we are social beings. Communication to each others is our basic human need to express our feeling and opinion, to get respect and recognition.
The stress I am talking about in here is not however the one due to lack of friends or communication. You’ve done make friend a lot, but perhaps you are still missing something.
Living in today’s high tech world stresses our bodies in ways our ancestors never experienced. The stress may be related to job, finance, family daily traffic jams, being insulted, etc.  No matter what the source, stress depletes our energy and lessens the quality of our life.
Some people seek out unhealthy solutions to stress such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol, drugs, and over eating. While this may appear to temporarily lessen stress, over the long term it makes it worse.
Unlike the above, one healthy way that is making friends could be the channel that you can express and thus relieve your stress through the communication with them.
What you need to do more is to enhance the quality of communication with getting more friends to channel out your anxiety and to channel in some spirit-invigorating thought or views from your friends. For this purpose do seek mainly friends with the same background of problem. Seeing that other people have the same problem as yours or even worse would ease your sadness or weight in your mind in one way or another. You are not alone and you are not the only person facing the problem.
So, making friends as stress relievers is not somewhat overstated. However, you ought to be careful not to get along with wrong persons otherwise it will create more problems and social stress.
Now, to become more effective stress relief there must be fun out of just making friends. Why not to consider creating a group namely for instance social making friends group just for doing some fun if none existing yet, or join them if some in existence already.
I have been leading a group for singles doing some fun like fun games, eating together, picnic together, etc.
These singles are stressed of not getting yet their soul mate at their late age.
Since they have been joining the group they told me it helped them a lot in relieving their stress.
Below is an example of one program called “Outdoor fashion show” performed by male members of the group in a competition to win who going to be the best and the prettiest. It was just enough to make everybody laugh and relax.

Remember laughter is good to relieve your tension.
So, do make friend and make fun out of it.

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