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Natural Stress Relief Remedies

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Aug 15 2011

Does Natural Stress Relief Work? Give It a Try!

By Albertus Sargent

green tea and stress

Green Tea for Stress Relief

Whenever you are feeling stressed out, you might consider natural stress relief remedies before you go to a doctor for help. Because you can do it at the soonest you want without bothering yourself about prescription.

One of the ways of natural stress relief is to combine the relaxation method with herbal teas. Please note that tea especially green tea contains a natural antioxidant which can help relieving the stress. To maximize the effect of the green tea, you may add some honey into it.

The next step after you have finished drinking your tea, do sit down with your back perfectly straight, close your eyes, try to take a deep breath for some 10 – 15 minutes, and let your mind focus on your breathing similarly to meditation practice.
So, this really sound a natural stress treatment, doesn’t it?

You can help yourself to focus better on your breathing by picturing and sensing your breathing lung. Never let other thoughts entering your mind. If they do, push them aside and back focus on your picture of your breathing lung.

For your natural stress relief you may try taking bath with lavender. Make sure you use good bubble bath which natural lavender extract. The relaxing property released from the scent of lavender will help get you to relax and soothe your thoughts.
Being able to mind off of your stressful days is the key success for your natural stress relief.

Another popular method of natural stress relief which does not entail any kind of medicine or supplement is listening to relaxation music which you like best.

To get maximum relaxation effects, try to listen to music which is a bit low key on low volume setting. Classical music such as composed by Beethoven works well for may people to help relieve stress naturally. Do give some orchestral music a try even if you have never listened to them. Who knows they can work for your natural stress relief.

It is recommended to try first the above some natural remedies for stress before seeing your doctor or taking any antidepressant drugs, because they involve no drugs and therefore are safe.
If after trying, problem persists then you should consult your health consultant, or you adopt a suitable coping strategies for stress.

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