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occupational stress definition

Occupational Stress Definition

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Sep 15 2011

Some Guides to Beat Occupational Stress

By Albertus Sargent

Occupational Stress occurs when a person is unable to fulfill the expectations and challenges in the workplace. When this happens, the person loses control over seemingly normal situations that are regularly experienced at work, which leads to poor performance, job dissatisfaction and eventually, depression.  Occupational stress takes toll when there is overwhelming amount of work and the person fails to manage time properly to accomplish everything in time and meet deadlines set by bosses and clients.

It is normal for individuals to feel normal amounts of anxiety to challenge their abilities and perform well under pressure.  However, too much occupational stress is not good for the body because it may manifest to different kinds of minor persistent diseases that may turn out into something serious like heart attack and stroke in the long run.  Some of these symptoms are usually felt by people but are either dismissed or mismanaged because they have become so common.  Headache, inability to sleep, gastrointestinal problems, mouth sores and fatigue are examples of these stress symptoms that all show up because of occupational stress.

Some of the ways to prevent occupational stress are proper time management and allowing oneself enough rest and relaxation from work.  In addition, participation in company meetings and trainings allow you proper control of your work life and provide you opportunities to prove yourself and increase your morale.  Also, proper diet and supplements or vitamins as well as a good sleeping habit will help keep you from developing stress ulcers like mouth sores and stomach problems.

Everybody needs work to achieve self-actualization.  However, occupational stress must be managed properly to achieve this end, as well as prevent oneself from becoming depressed and non-productive.  It is possible to control occupational stress on your own, but if you are having a terrible time achieving balance in your work place and it’s starting to affect even your life outside work, seek the help of a professional to help you overcome your worries.  Help is everywhere you only have to choose how to go about relieving stress.

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