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Recognizing Depression Symptoms

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Nov 12 2011

Depression Symptoms You Should Recognize

While depression is a term often used when someone is feeling low, sad, or discouraged, it’s important to know that while it might be overused, it’s a serious condition that needs to be taken seriously. Far too often, real depression is overlooked because its evidence is downplayed by overuse. Many people see the manifestation of depression as ordinary stress and anxiety. Knowing what true depression symptoms are is a way to help yourself or someone you’re concerned about. Depression and having a major depressive episode isn’t to be taken lightly; you need help from a professional more often than not.

Depression Symptoms

While a person may experience these symptoms from time to time, when someone shows depression symptoms for two weeks or more, it’s time to take it seriously. A lot of the symptoms can be taken for something else, expression such as a change in mood, a reaction to a recent happening, or hormonal imbalances, such as during pregnancy, post-partum, during the menstrual cycle, etc. that could be of mild depression symptoms.

However, if you or someone you know is experiencing depression symptoms—several at a time—for a prolonged period, you need to be aware that something is wrong and work to fix the situation. Sometimes, just changing the environment can help, other times it may be serious enough to warrant medication, though often it can be helped with psychotherapy. It can not be cured just by taking antidepressant, what’s more by drinking alcohol.

There are several depression symptoms that are most obvious, though if there are others, you’ll find information on the details of indication online or from your doctor. The most common are associated with listlessness, extreme sadness, feelings of low-self-worth, lack of appetite or higher need to eat, insomnia or sleeping too much, and usually feelings or thoughts of death and suicide.

A person experiencing depression symptoms generally looks down. They may have a hard time entering into social situations, often feeling as if everyone else would be better off if they weren’t around. Having difficulty dealing with sad emotions, such as crying often and uncontrollably are also symptoms. A person in a major depressive episode will not feel like working, even daily tasks like dressing or keeping house cause fatigue and are dealt with in a sluggish, slow way. Many find it hard even to get out of bed in the morning.

What to do if You’re Showing Depression Symptoms

If you or someone you know shows depression symptoms, it’s time to take action and get help. Depression rarely goes away by itself, without effort on the person suffering from it. In some cases, an episode can go on for up to two years, though most last a few months. The risk of suicide is high, with some cases even going so far as to plan and even attempt suicide. Some statistics show that up to 60% of suicides are liked to depression in some way.

Don’t delay in getting medical help if you find yourself or a friend suffering from severe depression symptoms. If your symptoms continue for a few weeks, build up, and don’t show signs of letting up, it’s high time to get help. Weight loss, sleep loss, and thoughts of death are not to be taken lightly; they can affect your health—physical and mental for a long time if not taken care of.

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