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Relaxing Music

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Sep 10 2009

Relaxing Music for Stress Treatment

Relaxing Music

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Music is Harmony

This is the major reason why it has such a tremendous effect on humans who, if healthy and in good condition, can be seen as a perfectly balanced structure as well.

Though, balances can be achieved in different ways. Thus the harmony of music influences us differently.

Have a look at emotions for instance. They usually shift the balance of humans and if a particular emotion persists, they are a certain sign for existing problems, which finally may result in severe illnesses as manifestation of stress effects.

As a harmony music can sweep along human state to a particular emotional model. For example music which conveys joy can “contaminate” humans and bring them to a state to feel better or to relax. Thus music can be used to either emphasize the marry condition or turn a sorrow into happiness.

Music to relieve stress.

Stress relief music works based on a particularly interesting aspect of music; namely the fact that music can help you live emotions.

Sometimes people do not know exactly what they feel; the only present thing is a deep tension inside. Or they know what they feel but can not find relief and continuously accumulate the feeling. For instance often such feeling is anger. Because of the possible harm which can be caused by expressing it most people do not know how to get rid of it.

Music is the perfect tool to help you realize the emotional tension you bring inside. For instance many people find relief from anger by just listening heavy metal music. This kind of music helps burning inside the tension caused by anger and is a perfect stress reliever.

However you have to be extremely careful because the difference between consuming the emotion inside and expressing it towards another human is not always that easy to realize.

Music brings you at a state to unite with the feeling thus helping you to realize its nature and live it. It practically transforms your nature. It is up to you to decide HOW to live it – to keep it inside and transform it in a constructive way or … relieve it outside

Good impact of Music

Have you ever thought why relaxing music is so powerful? Why does it have such an impact on any living matter?

Music is a common communication tool, a common language. Irrelevant what language you speak and what your nationality is you can feel music. Irrelevant if you realize it or not it affects you!

Music affects the primary brain of humans – the limbic brain. This is the part of the brain responsible of the physical condition of the body as well as of maintaining the internal balance which keeps us alive. This is also the kingdom of the Unconscious.

This is why stress relief music has such a big potential to influence the emotional state of humans. No words or thoughts are necessary. It just blows your mind and gives you relaxing effects.

There is nothing more direct than the impact of music on your brain. The only thing you have to do is to not distort it by thousands of thoughts you have regarding your daily problems – work, family, friends…

After all, whatever kind of music which can make you relax is called relaxing music.

Choose any of them to make to feel better.

Relaxing Music Source

Relaxing Music Source


You have to be extremely careful with music. As already mentioned it influences your emotions and if you over listen, it may exhaust you rather than help you. Please do not listen to loud.

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