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Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

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Jul 20 2010

Simple and Natural Stress Relief in 10 minutes

By Albertus Sargent

Simple Natural Stress Relief

Natural Stress Relief

When getting stressed most people would think about having a vacation. But having a vacation would need good planning in respects of budget and timing.
What would you do when vacation is not possible yet?

Here are some workable tips of simple and natural stress relief in 10 minutes if your stress has not been so severe yet. These are the cheapest and safest stress relaxation techniques because of no anti-depressant drugs to take and no doctors to consult.


Meditation has been proven to be effective ways to relieve stress or anxiety for most of people.

It works to calm down your mind. Just go to a quiet place, close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing.

There are numerous techniques of how to do meditation. Do choose the one that fits the most your need and interest.

Take a Walk

Walking has been the most natural stress relief besides being good for health.
Walking can help you to cool and clear your mind so that your emotion would become more stable. Go stroll down for beautiful sight seeing or go anywhere that you like most for sight seeing.


Writing is one of the ways to pour out your feeling and anything you want to express.
In principle it is the same as painting and playing music. Only the technique is different.

In writing you are expressing your emotion in form for words. Take a piece of blank paper or your diary and just write whatever you’d like to express. When you have finished writing you would feel like your are emptying your over-loaded mind or heart.

The plus point of writing is that you then can read what you have written and thus it will help yourself to identify your problems.

Play and Excite

It has nothing to do with sex. When stress has turned to be unbearable and you feel you want to escape, take a break and rest for a while and then spend your time playing anything which could excite your brain, such as puzzle and games.

This kind of brain exercise would distract your thought from the stressful things or problem you have, and let your brain re-energized through the enjoyable game play.

However, you have to limit your time. Just stop the play when you already feel better. Playing too long could even make you exhausted and thus unproductive.

Imagine Vacation

Spend 10 minutes imagining your enjoyable and favorite place for vacation. Alternatively you can re-play your sweet memory about your beautiful childhood or those who you love.

You could also replay your memory about any fun you did in the past with your friends.

This mental exercise has been proven to be effective natural stress relief for many people, provided that your stress has not been too severe and turned to be depression.

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