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Jun 17 2009

Sleep Music – Natural Method for Encouraging Sleep & Stress Relief

By Gerrard Mackenzie

Music for Sleep

Music for Sleep

If you are not aware of the important of sleep, as yet or simply choose to ignore that sleep is an everyday necessity, you must know that it is through sleep that we get adequate energy in order to face another day of challenges, stress and fatigue. The amount of rest and/or quality of sleep that a person has got the night before is the determining factor on whether he is aptly armed to face the daytime challenges ahead in the workplace or anywhere.

However, nowadays, many still think that they can do without sufficient sleep. The end result is the burgeoning in the number of people suffering from different kinds of sleep disorder, some mild, some very severe and stress becomes more difficult to relieve.

For those who have already experienced a sleeping problem as mild as transient insomnia, they may have already learned their lesson and are doing their best in order to prevent from having to undergo such kind of sleep problems again.

Fortunately, there are still many natural ways in order to conquer sleep disorders. Some usually adhere to alternative ways such as relying on herbal remedies. Some undergo a certain form of CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy and many have already learned that they only need to develop and improve good sleep hygiene in order to have a better night’s sleep.

Another natural method to relieve people of stress and fatigue and encourage sleep is by listening to different types of sleep music. Music for sleep has been known to have therapeutic and meditative effects on the brain and body. So that, music for sleep has become one suggestion of how do you sleep.

When listening to slow and softly strained relaxation music, our mind and body is eased or lulled into a relaxed state, emptying out worrying thoughts and stressing concerns. Having the mind and body in a relaxed stage makes falling asleep easy and staying asleep a certainty.

Here are some of the kinds of sleep music to choose from:

  1. New Age Music – examples of this are the popular music produced by Irish talents like Enya, Clannad and Loreena McKennit. The strains of this music are usually soft and slow, with nature sounds as background. Songs that are inspired by this kind of music can be very popular among insomnia sufferers.
  2. Ambient music – music composed only of background sounds of nature. This can be the rustle of leaves, hum of cicadas, croaking of frogs, soft wail of the night wind, musical tones of beach waves rolling and other sounds produced by nature.
  3. Speed sleep – a Neuro Linguistic program produced by master practitioner, Frank Prince. As a National Sleep Foundation member, he had been counselor and advisor for professional people who have difficulty with their sleep and decisive on changing their sleep habits. Prince recorded the Speed sleep in order to benefit everyone who would want to hear about how to improve their sleep habits to achieve sound sleep.
  4. Theta meditation – music stores usually have Theta meditation music that can be used during meditation or yoga a few hours before bedtime. Recent studies have turned up with findings that a large amount of brainwaves frequency called Theta is produced during several states of meditation when playing soothing music along with meditating. It is due to the fact that these Theta pulses are embedded in the music and activates the brainwaves, encouraging a restful meditation.

Many other sleep music types played before sleeping encourage the body to enter a phase of relaxation necessary in order to make drifting into sleep easy. Make sure to try out some of these and check out which are most effective for you.


Check out more musics on David Lindberg Music site:
David has devoted his career to music by writing and performing. His first collection of original songs are of the relaxation/easy listening genre. “Thoughts of Home” will relax you while listening to sounds of nature blended with spiritual selections that will give you peace and allow your mind to take you to far away moonlit falls, thoughtful rain storms and quiet breezes along shorelines, and off to sailing in a sunny bay.

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