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Stress Anxiety Overview

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Oct 16 2011

Stress Anxiety Overview and Tips

Stress Definition:

Stress is a reaction of your body when facing a situation that makes you feel unhappy, disappointed, furious, anxious or frustrated.

A little of stress is good to make you more energetic to work towards achieving what you desire. But too much stress can affect your health badly, you become prone to having stroke, heart attacks and other various illnesses. Recognize your stress symptoms.

Anxiety Definition:

Anxiety is a feeling of discomfort mostly because of worry about the future, or a fear that something unpleasant is going to happen. The reasons for anxiety is not always clear or well defined but the effect is that it can add up to distress you feel.

For instance, trauma can be the source of anxiety when the person is facing almost similar situation to what he/she ever had in the past which lead to painful feeling. In fact, the situation he/she facing now is not necessarily going to bring him/her something bad.

Stress anxiety is the mix of the two.

What causes stress anxiety?

What causes you to have stress anxiety will not necessarily make other people to have anxiety too. People would react differently depending on their background, mood, mental fitness, attitude, mindset, etc.

There is a theory developed by many experts that genetic factor contributes a lot to whether or not someone is vulnerable to having stress anxiety no matter what the reasons are.

Anyway, in today’s world all of us are surrounded by the stressors. Stressor is the anything that makes you worried, stressed and anxious. The stress anxiety can be of various kinds. Depending on the origin of anxiety, it can be stress due to financial problem, stress due to family problems, anxiety due to fear of getting sacked from the job, anxiety due to fear of failure in exams, and there are many other types of stresses and anxiety in life.

Impact of stress anxiety on our lives:

Stress anxiety produces very adverse effects. A person who is suffering from stress anxiety stays irritated always. He is not willing to take any new work assignments. He is never happy with any of the things which are going around him. He becomes a box full of complaints. He does not talk nicely to his family people at home, colleagues at work place and further. Whenever stress happens to a person he/she becomes restless. Further more, the ongoing overdosed stress anxiety will bring physical problems to the person like weight loss, lack of sleep which further increases the restlessness.

How to handle stress anxiety:

Today competition is such adverse that stress anxiety is bound to be associated with each and every person. How to handle stress anxiety is very important to know. One must know ways to reduce stress anxiety.

Here are a few popular samples of how to relieve stress anxiety:

  • Deep breathing, relaxing with your eyes opened, Listening to very light relaxation music in very dim light can help you to reduce stress.
  • Watching some comedy movie with your children. Please note you must watch it with your children and not alone because when your children will laugh then most of your stress will be reduced.
  • Go for some soft massage and then take a shower followed by a long walk in some calm place can really prove to be very beneficial for the person who is under the adverse effects of stress.

Not less importantly, you should always check out the possibility of managing the stressors in such that they can be removed or made less dangerous and also the possibility to improve or strengthen yourself which constitutes a complete set of strategies for coping with stress.

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