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Stress Relief Exercise

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Jan 28 2011

Exercise for Stress Relief – Recommendation

By Albertus Sargent

Stress in long run if it is not managed well can be a silent killer. It will bring about various illnesses, if it has been accumulated to a certain level without any treatment for relief. The common serious illnesses are such as heart attacks and strokes. Recognize your stress symptoms indicating that you have been under stress. Knowing that stress is part of our life which we can not avoid, then the best thing to do is how to strengthen our defense against stress. And the topic today is about stress relief exerciseand understanding how exercise can relieve stress. Many other people manage their stress in different ways, but many also find that stress relief exercise is effective technique if worked out continuously with high discipline.   Stress relief exercise does not necessarily take long to do, but around 30 minutes of exercise is necessary to elevate the heart beat and thus circulate your blood better throughout inside your body. The secret of why exercise can help relieve stress is that because exercise would release certain adrenal hormones and endorphins. These are your body’s natural “feel good” chemicals, if sufficiently present in your body, they would make you feel good. So, doing a regular routine of stress relief exercise will help you in many ways. However, one of the biggest handicaps of many people in doing exercise is laziness and boredom. These factors make people difficult to get started or just give up the exercise program in the middle. Therefore, do choose kind of stress relief exercise which could bring you fun, pick up the one you like best but at the same time it works best for your stress management.

Aerobic Stress Relief

Aerobic Stress Relief

One thing to consider, if you choose too light exercise you may become soon bored and eventually give up your routine. But, too hard exercise will increase stress level on your body. Find exercise with load somewhere in between, which allows you to get the workout you just need and get your heart rate up and those “happy” hormones released and your stress level down in return. Workouts for stress relief exercise must not be necessarily by doing gym or pressing weight, it can be any form of exercise as long as it would increase you heart beats, such as swimming, playing tennis, playing badminton, aerobic, jogging, etc. Playing sport game like tennis, will usually bring you fun since there you meet friends and you will be motivated how to defeat your opponent in the game. Remember that routine exercise would not only strengthen your defense against stress but also make you healthier. You may consider also to take stress nutritionto keep your body fit from inside to combat your stress.
CAUTION: Do consult you physician before undergoing an exercise or doing sports to find out appropriate load of exercise for your body and health condition.

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