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stress treatment options

Stress Treatment Options

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Sep 12 2011

Stress Treatment – How to Recognize Stress and Treat it effectively

Knowing the Stress enemy – Recognizing and Acknowledging Stress
Stress is part of our daily existence. There is no day that exists without a measure of stress caused by societal demands, demands on the home front, at the work place or anywhere else. Stress has been part of our existence since the beginning of time. Escalating stress levels could result in serious health concerns if not taken seriously. Stress reduces the strength of the immune system, thereby making us susceptible to illness, infections and perhaps even nervous break downs. You might want to recognize what the stress symptoms are.

Stress is a serious concern that we more often than not undermine. It is therefore not surprising that we seek ways of treating stress so that we may remain active members of society. The alternative is far less appealing like depression or a nervous breakdown.

Stress Treatment – Our Options
The stress treatment is directly linked to the diagnosis. Since treatments vary considerably, the symptoms, the nature of your stress and pre-existing conditions will determine the treatment. If the stress is causing anxiety, depression, health and medical problems, consult a doctor. A doctor may prescribe medication and further consultations as part of a treatment programme.

Some stress treatment plans may consist of one of the following treatments and may also include a combination of the following:

• Talk Therapy
• Cognitive Therapy
• Counseling
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
• Medication and
• Anger Management
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A lot of innovative research work and programmes have been conclusively developed on finding ways to reduce stress. The nature of stress is about challenging all people to cope with situations and experiences. This is done by re-evaluating who we are, what it is that we are able to do, how we add to and create the stress, how we react and how we are able to change what we can to affect how well we cope with stress.

Programmes should include developing the right coping strategy for stress which basically deals with managing or changing the stressor (causes/sources of stress), managing or treating the stress effects (stress treatment), and managing or improving ourselves to be stronger in combating the stress.

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