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Reduce Office Stress Tips

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Apr 01 2011

How To Reduce Office Stress and To Succeed In Your Job

By Albertus Sargent

Succeed In Job with Less Office Stress

Succeed In Job with Less Office Stress

Stress in the office workplace is very common problem for many people who are working in the office.

Office stress is contributed by many factors, among other things are mainly the tight deadlines, 24 x 7 work environment, highly demanded quality of performance and not less severely the competition among the employees themselves .

Why do we have office stress? The ultimate answer is our worry about risk of not achieving what the company or the boss is expecting from us – we are worried about under-performing which could bring us on the verge on being sacked.

One thing that I would like to stress here that there is another factor for not performing the best results in the work despite adequate professional or technical skill that we have, that is our mentality – our behavior.

The outcome of our work pretty much goes along with how well our attitude or mind set and our behavior are.

We should improve some values in ourselves in order to succeed in our work. With the right attitude, mind-set and behavior, we will improve our relationship with our boss and have less worry about risk of being rejected by our boss and thus we will have less office stress. Of course we should keep up our good professional skill to perform the work well.

The following are a set of values which must become your attitude and behavior as thought of by Keane World Zen which will eventually help reduce the risk of being rejected by your boss even if you happen to deliver just mediocre outcome of your work :

  1. Don’t talk negatively about people behind their backs.
    If you gossip, people won’t confide you.
    Mind your own business.
  2. Try to work for someone who’ll challenge your powers.
    You will learn more in a year than 4 years of college.
  3. Successful bosses have good communication skills.
    They learn from people, including their employees.
  4. Work in such a way that makes your boss look good.
    It’s not a flattery.
  5. On downsizing, the first to go are those with few friends.
    Bosses prefer competent people whom they respect.
  6. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.
    Let your dress reflect professionalism.
  7. Workout to get in good physical shape.
    Unless exceptionally skilled, the unhealthy are at a comparative disadvantage.
  8. Personal integrity is crucial.
    Tell nothing but the truth.
    Bosses can forgive mistakes, but if you lie, you’re gone.
  9. Be on time.
    Try to arrive few minutes early.
    It saves you from stress.
    You’ll be much relaxed and work better.
  10. Strive your best to keep a deadline.
    If you cannot meet it, then apologize and ask for an extension.
  11. Don’t take things personally.
    If some people are unhappy with you, it’s their problem.
    But always strive to give your best.
  12. If you must correct someone, don’t get personal about it.
    Do it never in front of others.
  13. Spend some time alone everyday.
    What’s the mission of my life?
    What do I want to be?
    And how to go about it.
  14. As you move Plan A of your career, maintain a Plan B as well – an alternative course to rely.
  15. Always remember that the secret of success is passion.
    Always think big. Spread love and joy.
    You’ll have blissful years ahead.

There are some other ways how to avoid office stress beside improving your attitude and mind-set you may want to know.

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Avoid Office Stress Tips

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Nov 11 2010

How to avoid Stress at the Office

By Albertus Sargent

office stress relief
Office Stress

Job demands by a dictatorial boss and hectic working atmosphere often makes us easy to get stressed. Do not underestimate this, because the office stress that comes easy can endanger health of our heart. Office stress which is also called workplace stress can disturb the body’s metabolism. A little pressure on the job sometimes can make us become more productive and improve our performance. However, excessive or chronic office stress can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to Suzanne Sorof, MD, president of the southwest chapter of the American Heart Association, the way we treat ourselves physically and mentally is that what affects our stress levels. The following are a series of tips that you can apply to avoid pressure and office stress:

Decorating workspace.

Arrange and decorate your work space in accordance with your taste. Friends or family photos will make us more relaxed and comfortable as at home. When you feel frustrated you can see photos of your loved ones, this will make you more relaxed. This has been common for many office worker in effort to avoid office stress. In addition to photos, we can also decorate your workplace with magazine clippings, writings in the form of inspirational quotations, writing about jokes or comic or novel that can be read during leisure time. Also make sure to put objects or things that can throw a negative mood as a garnish.

Leave the office for a moment.

One easy way to escape from the pressures of the office stress is to go out of the office a few moments. At lunch time you can simply walk around the office. Walking around the office park and getting a little exercise can to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol (HDL). Keep your body’s natural rhythm by stretching lightly in the breaks between jobs. Mainly when we work overtime, it will adjust the level of body to burden faced.

Set your work desk.

Experience has taught us that a messy layout of desks and filing system contribute in some extent to creating office stress. Therefore, in addition to being furnished, there is a need to arrange for good layout of your desk. Separate goods or documents that you need. Make a list of things you should do in order of importance and deadlines. Set the file by the group, the color distinction can also help facilitate the searching and collect them again. Save the calendar as well to ensure the day and date of a job that must be completed. Neat working desk neat will make your work more organized and avoid stress.

Do not forget to eat.

The bustle and pressure of work often makes us forget about breakfast and lunch, even working overtime often makes us forget to eat at all. Foods and mood are interrelated. If you feel irritable, it could simply be because of you having not eaten. Breakfast in the morning and lunch is very important. With sufficient energy burned from foods, your body will be ready for the pressure and office stress. Enjoy your lunch time by exchanging thoughts with peers, but in addition, not forget to choose foods with good nutrition.

Phone friends.

When you feel about to have office stress, rest a moment and take time to call your family or friend. Select a comfortable and relaxed place for a telephone chat. Greet your outer world, because of the pressure occurs when we are too focused on work and forget there is another life out there.

Take short break from work.

When working on large projects or you are conducting a series of telephone negotiations, a short break can help you re-focus. Use the time with co-workers to talk about the issue outside of work, or just planning a ‘watch together’ at the weekend. Short way to kill office stress can also be done easily like resting for a while and see the sun.

Keep your body’s water content.

Drink plenty of water and avoid too much coffee during the work. Caffeine produces “tense energy” – we feel powerful, but also indirectly feel tensed. You can increase productivity but also without notice tension will slowly lead you to get stressed. Especially if you keep increasing the dose of coffee, this will lead to a cycle that is not good for your body. Water is very powerful to keep the fluid level in the body. Enough water in the body will decrease your will to consume less healthy foods when office stress comes.

Listen to music.

Listening to your favorite music is certainly capable of releasing the pressure that we experience. Select the songs that can lift your mood through headphones or earphones.

Many people do listen to relaxation music while working to avoid office stress and many companies allow their employee to do so.

Write down your feelings.

Writing down or typing your worries, grievances or things that you feel it is a problem can make you forget them more easily. After finishing writing or expressing things which make you stressed in a blank document you may then delete or remove the post. This will help you more quickly to forget the problem or office stress which is  attacking you. Do not be too specific writing the problems, and make sure you do not send the text to anyone.

Mental vacation.

You can relax mentally and your mind just at work, such as in your chair. Sit with both feet tread on the ground, close your eyes, breathe and relax, imagine a vacation or other comfortable place you want to visit.

Use the five senses to build imagination about the place, like what flavor and how the sound is heard. Embed in your mind this message or motivation you want to hear, for example “I want to be more productive“.

When you open your eyes, hopefully you will feel like just got back from vacation with no longer office stress but the fresh mood for work.

Avoid office gossip.

When getting together with other colleagues in the lounge or in the pantry, avoid gossip. Giving comments on a gossip will pull you into the gossip circle. Sometimes gossiping about office life will make us more acceptable to colleagues. Yet, indirectly you have lined up yourself to become the next victim of gossip. And that’s when rumors will begin to be a burden and disrupt your mind in focusing on the job and thus increase your office stress.

Watch a funny video.

At the beginning when getting stressed becomes apparent, take a moment to see your favorite funny videos or funny photos. Open a free streaming video site and select the videos or photos that can arouse your sense of humor.

Laughter and a small fun are able to release tension in the work. Try this to avoid your office stress.


Release the tension with some body movement, because relaxation will help to neutralize office stress. Psychologist Katherine Muller recommended the ‘robot/rag doll’ technique that can be done in a chair or while standing.

Tighten the muscles of the body as a whole (can be done with various range of motion), hold for 20 seconds. Then release the tension by relaxing the body like a puppet (rag doll), hold for 20 seconds, repeated five times.

Do not hold your breath too long for people with high blood pressure and impaired cardiovascular. For these people progressive muscle relaxation is more recommended.


Set aside time to exercise. This can be done after work or on weekends. Create a sport group with office colleagues such as a group of indoor soccer, badminton or cycling which is carried on once a week. You can also do fitness exercise on a regular basis. Most people feel they do not have time to exercise because time always runs out for work and rest. This is hardly acceptable. Spending only a little time for exercise will give effect of ‘rechargeable power’ more quickly and improve our immune system besides boosting your power to combat office stress.

Discuss stress.

Discussing the stress of work with colleagues to some extent is be able to relieve office stress and solve problems that arise in work. Sharing with colleagues about the problems encountered, but do not mix with the gossip, because gossip will lead to new pressures. Choose the people you can trust in sharing, and try to understand the problems and stress faced by other colleagues too, making friends in office to enable sharing of your problems.

Have a Good Work and Avoid Office Stress!

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