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Relieve Workplace Stress

Self Improvement | Posted by admin
Sep 18 2011

First Things to do to Relieve Workplace Stress

By Albertus Sargent

relieve workplace stress

relieve workplace stress

Stress has been considered to be a normal part in every workplace. It can be brought about by many factors such as pressures in meeting deadlines, appointments, sometimes misunderstanding with co-workers or bosses in addition to unsettled issues at home.  All these things can make one weak and less productive in the workplace.

However, life should not be defined as stressful forever.  There are many methods in which can relieve workplace stress.  And to start doing so, you should start with yourself.  Accordingly, the best person that can help you is YOU.  How can it be done?  Actually, the methods suggested for managing stress are just easy to follow.

The following are some tips to relieve workplace stress at the early stage before situation is getting worse and has made you really depressed and affected your health seriously.

  1. Identify the causes of the stress – By knowing what cause you to get stressed, you will be able then to think of the best solution in order to cope with it.  Know your limitations and learn to refuse of the things that you think could trigger stress in you.
  2. Avoid bottling your emotions up – Learn to express your feelings because feelings not expressed could make you explode like a bomb and which would eventually result in chaos within you and your surroundings and thus create more workplace stress instead of relieving it.
  3. Get enough sleep and relaxation – Take deep breaths when you notice something not right is slowly intruding your thoughts and activities.  Get at least 7 hours of restful sleep, make your environment clutter-free and be close to nature by walking with your pet to the park or forest.
  4. Learn to manage time – This is difficult to do but when you improve your time management skill and are able to manage your time wisely, you’ll surely be able to avoid rushing things out and thus it becomes easier to relieve workplace stress.
  5. Eat a healthy and balanced diet – Get well-nourished in order for your body and mind to stay healthy.  Drinking plenty of fluids also is recommended.

There are more ways in which you can manage to relieve workplace stress.  What is important is you yourself are willing and determined to help yourself because if you won’t then no one can.  Furthermore, if you think you cannot bear it all anymore then seeking a professional’s help is highly recommended.  Live stress-free!

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Work Stress Caused by Multitasking

Stress Management | Posted by admin
Aug 22 2011

Work Stress Caused by Multitasking Assignment

Multitasking at work is one of the causes of work stress, because you have to accomplish many things at a time.
Be careful, if you are assigned multitasking job. You might get stressed even before you start doing the tasks, because you are worried and unsure whether you can finish them as per schedule and you are confused which one to do first. Then, you get stressed out again when you see you can not finish them. Your work stress is clearly because of your inability in managing the work – the stressor. As one way of coping strategies for stress, you may want to get your stress relieved by having a fun break or listening to relaxation music, but this may only relieve your stress temporarily.
Therefore managing the stressor should come in the first place to give it a try.

Here are some ideas of managing your multi-tasks – the stressor:

Set a priority scale.

This is to find out which one you think to do first (high priority), and which one to do the last (lowest priority). Multitasking at work is OK but never start doing any task before knowing its urgency. Clear priority in mind will eliminate your confusion and thus your work stress.

Do one thing at a time.

Do it well and mindfully. Enjoy the satisfaction. If one task has been accomplished then go on to the next thing. Never do multiple task at a time. Multitasking might work for computers, but humans have yet to get the hang of it.

A growing body of evidence affirms that trying to accomplish several things at once takes up more time overall than doing them sequentially. It consumes an excessive amount of mental energy too, so you fatigue more quickly. The lack of focus also leads to careless mistakes, shoddy work and unreliable performance.

Worst of all, having to do things over. This is no way to live. Give what you’re doing your undivided attention. Take the time to get it right. You’ll be more productive, and less stressed, in the long run.

Try not to work with impatience.


Projects you don’t have much time for, things you reluctantly have to do over, tasks you don’t enjoy doing at all. If you do them impatiently with a lack of focus, careless haste, shortness of breath, it only makes them more unpleasant, more stressful and seem longer. Do one of two things: put off the project until you’re mentally prepared to take it on, or, relax and resign yourself to giving it the full attention it deserves. Once committed to doing it with patience, you might even start to enjoy the work. You have to do it anyway. Why make yourself crazy?

Discuss with your boss

Multitasking at work is alright, but if it is considered unrealistic to accomplish you may want to discuss the tasks with your boss or superior for possible rescheduling or re-sorting them out. A wise boss will be happy to hear about your constrain and good ideas.

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