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unemployment depression

Unemployment Depression

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Jul 09 2009

Dealing with Unemployment Problem

Unemployment Depression

Unemployment Depression

Job unemployment or sudden income loss may cause you upset, stressed and unable to think properly what to do.
It is good idea for you to do some specific things to help settling your mind until you find another position or until business picks up before you are dragged further into unemployment depression state.

Keep Yourself Fit
A job loss may change the way you think about yourself. Developing positive habits can play a major role in maintaining your both physical and mental health to fight unemployment stress, and then regaining your self-confidence and moving ahead.
Pay attention to the following :

• Eat more grains, vegetables, and fruits. Take sufficient vitamins.
• Do exercise. A brisk 20-minute walk three to five times a week can do wonders.
• Avoid excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes.
• Use your time productively. Take time for something you’ve been wanting to do, like building a tree house or making draperies. Avoid using daytime television as an escape.
Yoga may be considered as on way to achieve physical and mental health.
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Discuss openly with All Family Members about the Situation
Your family can sense that something has changed. If you are married, make time available to talk with your spouse. Take walks, have breakfast before everybody else is up, or set aside time after the children are in bed. It may be difficult at first to spare your family the pain of your unemployment. You probably will not be successful, but keep trying. Because, it is better for your family to hear what is happening from yourself than from news.

Spending and Income Balancing
Simply, since unemployment has stopped your cash inflow then you have to cut down your spending. During this period, setting out priority scale on your spending is extremely important.
Estimate the cost of variable expenses, like food, utility payments, and gasoline.
Cut the cost starting from the least urgent and least important one.
It may not solve the problem immediately, but it is a good practice anyway to match your spending against income while searching options of way-out.

Look for Additional Money
Could you sell assets, like an automobile or recreational vehicle? Can you draw from your savings?
A second, riskier option is to use credit lines that are open to you. Borrowing against your home equity is a source of cash, but could result in the loss of your dwelling if you cannot repay the loan. Charging the maximum on credit cards, another source of credit, may make the situation worse. Be wary of consolidation loans that roll all of your outstanding consumer debt into a single loan with one monthly payment. Make sure the interest rate is the same or lower than the interest rate on your current loan.

Talk to Your Creditors
Contact your creditors (including your mortgage lender) prior to the due date of your next payment. Almost without exception, your creditors would rather work with you to schedule reduced payments than have you miss payments altogether. The key is to be up front about your financial problems.
Be sure to contact your creditors prior to the date that your debt is turned over to a collection agency.

Plan for the Future
Ask questions to yourself:

  • Do you want another job? Does your family need your income to make ends meet?
  • If you need to generate income, what are your chances of finding a different job?
  • Do you have the skills and experience needed for the job you want? Is a training program available to help you prepare for that job?
  • Will starting a business use your skills and interests to generate income? Try to prepare for future downturns. Set a goal to have an amount equal to three to six months’ pay in savings that you can readily access. Do not carry balances on credit cards. Pay off other consumer debt quickly. Keep your job skills up-to-date.

Wake up Man! Do Think Outside the Box!

A test on rat showed that rat had stronger survival instinct and was more creative than human.
5 passageways were designed inside a small room, open at one end, closed at the other end of each of them. So that rat could only enter from the open end through the passage and stop at the closed end.  A dab of foods was placed inside the passage # 3 at the closed end. A rat was released in the room. When the rat was hungry it went through each of passage for foods and found it in passage #3. The rat finished the foods.
Foods was placed again in passage #3. The hungry rat went straight the passage #3 and found the foods there. This exercise was repeated until 5 times, and the rat found to do the same thing as a habit.

On the 6th trial, foods was placed in the passage #5. The rat kept visiting passage #3. But finding no foods there after visiting several times, the rat began to visit the other passages from #1 through #5, and found the foods in passage #5. This had created a new habit for the rat to keep visiting passage #5 for foods.
You may face similar situation to what the rat was facing in the above test.
After a job loss, people who used to work as an employee in office will tend to seek other opportunity in the same path – becoming an employee again.
But finding a job you like might not be easy in current downturn of economy.
Actually there is abundant chance of making money outside becoming an employee.
Do try to think outside the box. Try something you have never tried.
A breakthrough change in your life can only come only if you change the way you think and do.

The following you might have to consider as an alternative of unemployment solutions. Do check and give a try.

  • Applying for Online job on the internet
  • Joining an MLM with a good system and well selling products
  • Joining an affiliate program on the internet marketing

Many people who ever had unemployment problem or wanted additional income are making even a greater success through the undertaking of the above ventures.

Do make a breakthrough decision with limited and calculated risk of course.

Good Luck !

Job Online

Job Online

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