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Workplace Stress Relief

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Mar 10 2010

How To Cope With Workplace Stress

By Albert Sargent

We can not avoid stress in our life. The question is whether or not you can manage your stress at a controllable and acceptable level which means it will not do any harm to your physical and mental health.

Workplace stress is the stress arising from anything that is job or work related, either in the office or factory, or on the street and even on business trips. If it is related to work in office, you may call it office stress.

Work place stress has been a common problem that we face nowadays with all implications that is difficult to predict.

Many factors contributing to workplace stress, the major ones are tight deadlines and 24×7 work environment and highly demanded quality of performance delivered due tighter business competition, not to mention here inter-personal related problem that might arise in the work organization.

Workplace Stress Relief

Workplace Stress

Stress has become synonymous to our existence but how to combat it has given rise to a mushrooming market that is laced with quack spiritual masters and healers; they cater to soft targets by making the problem bigger than what it appears. Innocent people throng to these masters or healers in big numbers but to no avail as these people exaggerate the problem than subsiding it.

We often hear workplace stress, but we have very little understanding about the term in its totality.

Workplace stress comes to surface when organization and individual expectation do not match.

This mismatch of expectations along with the escalating indifference among the line managers and employees is like adding insult to the injury.

The ability to manage your workplace stress will depend of number of factors:

The state of your mental fitness.

You ought to make your lifestyle healthier and serene. Never keep the problem just for yourself, share it with your close friends or family members if you can not find answers how to solve the problem.

Workers by law are entitled to take annual leave. Do make the most use of your leave. Having a vacation is a good idea to re-energize your mental strength before coming back to work.

Practicing yoga training is also a good way to develop mental health and strength.

Your skill of managing the work and time in the workplace.

Works can be so complicated or feel too many so that you will feel overloaded and the most common stressor in the meeting the deadline.

You can develop skill of how to work smarter not harder and how to organize your work life.

Work Smater Not Harder

Work Smart Not Hard

Conclusion : Be positive in thinking, workplace stress is relatively a nice problem because you are employed! Imagine many of those who are jobless, they are suffering from more severe unemployment depression. Yet, never let workplace stress affect your health. There will always be a hope and solution for your workplace stress relief and live a healthier life for tomorrow. Hope this information is useful for you. Related article you might be interested to know : “Less Stress At Workplace By Improving Time Management SkillOne Year to an Organized Work Life: From Your Desk to Your Deadlines, the Week-by-Week Guide to Eliminating Office Stress for GoodOther useful site you can read :

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